KAIZEN methods

Using Kaizen principles and a Kaizen mindset is crucial to success. Do it better, make it better, and improve it even if it isn’t broken.

5 critical questions confronting every business every day

  1. What clearly differentiates our products and services over others and do they meet our prospects and customer needs?
  2. Why would they switch to us and stay with us rather than our competitors?
  3. What are they prepared to pay for our products and services?
  4. What does ‘value for money’ represent to both prospects and customers alike? 
  5. How can we reach our markets faster and more cost effectively than our competitors?


There are many different ways leaders would answer these questions. More importantly, how would your staff engaged in delivering your products and services, respond? Imagine if every employee, every day, considered how they could make a positive impact on these questions and sought ways to plan and continuously improve themselves and the day-to-day processes they execute? What would your organisation look like now?

Kaizen is a system that includes every employee who is encouraged to come up with small improvement suggestions regularly. In most cases, these are not ideas for major changes. Kaizen is based on making little changes regularly; always improving productivity, safety and effectiveness while reducing waste. This is not a once a year's discussion, Kaizen is continuous and therefore, the resulting improvements are continuous. Successful companies practicing Kaizen overwhelmingly highlight the importance of people "wanting to use Kaizen principles and a Kaizen mindset is crucial to success".

KAIZEN methods


Identify key Kaizen principles and apply to your day-to-day activities.


Apply this new knowledge to ‘problems’ from the ideas identified.


Tools and techniques needed to conduct analysis of ‘problems’.

Implement & Standardise

Ensuring continual improvement becomes standard practice.